Custom Trips

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We will save you months and/or weeks of research and planning by offering recommendations for each day of travel, including 2-3 restaurants (depending on whether breakfast is included at your preferred hotel) and 3 experiences (major attractions, art, culture, tours and nightlife suggestions).  

If you need assistance with filling travel documentation, like visas, we will include the extra booking fee in your invoice.


Peruse our private and group trips, and if you do not find an experience that fits your needs, reach out to us. Let us know where and when you want to go, whether you are looking for an intimate experience or you love activities in a group, and what your budget is. We will curate an experience that caters to all your needs.


A nonrefundable deposit of  $200 after the consultation call, for each traveler. This is deducted from your total balance.

$100 for every day that you would like curated/itinerary. This service includes our recommendations for accommodation and activities. 

$100 international flight booking fee. 

$50 domestic flight booking fee.